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Posted in Uncategorized by kltork on August 22, 2011

Hello all, I just wanted to drop in and update our blog site. My apologies for not posting sooner but a great many things have been happening. First off our family is doing well. We still have our moments ( about a thousand a day ) where we miss our boy so bad its overwhelming but overall we are healing. Kathy and I are still working to raise awareness and our daughter Kelly is trying so very hard to be the best she can be. She is actively involved in mentor programs through both her school and The Girl Scouts.
I wanted to let everyone know that our web site at Ed4Ed is up and going. If you would like to see what we are about please go to There you will find all the information and materials you would need to learn about the choking game. Ed4Ed provides free information and materials for anyone interested in starting your own anti-choking game campaign. Please go to to see the video we recently completed for a law enforcement convention in Wichita, Kansas.
These police officers were from all over the state and all were very involved in youth oriented programs in their respective jurisdictions. It was an amazing opportunity to bring to their attention this deadly activity. I would like to share with you an incredible story about this convention. GOD was working.
It was Thur July 21st. We had been at the convention for 3 days and we were invited as a vendor only. We were not there to speak or present in any way. Just to provide information about TCG. During the previous 2 days we had built many relationships with these fine officers and we were asked if we were going to get to speak at this convention. It had been discussed but there was just no time to fit us in an already tight speaking schedule. So its Thur morning and one of the police chiefs I had met came up and asked if we had felt any special power that morning. I said as a matter of fact I did so I asked him what was up. He replied that he had said a very special prayer that morning that somehow we would be allowed the chance to speak to these officers. I thanked him with a big hug and continued to load our equipment in and set up. On my 2nd trip in he came back up to me and said that the keynote speaker of the convention had been looking at our display and was very interested in our program. So I got my uniform on and my friend took me in to meet the keynote speaker. His name is Officer Joe Shillacy. ( He is one of the stars of the A&E series First 48 Hours.
We walked up to him and I was introduced to him and he and I hit it off immediatly.He was just getting ready to start his 2nd presentation but he had a few minutes so I told him about Kevin and what we at Ed4Ed were doing to raise awareness. He said that as a kid he had some experience with the choking game and also that he felt it was imperative that we continue to educate others about it. He asked if I was going to be able to speak to the officers and I told him most likely no, there just wasnt time. He then asked for one of our DVD’s. He popped it into his projector and told me he was going to let it play for a minute and for me to take a walk with him. he was asking about Kevin and the choking game and how it had evolved over time and with the internet it was spreading to an increasingly younger age group. He then did an amazing thing. He told me he was going to let the video run for a few minutes and then he was going to introduce me and that I could have a few minutes of HIS presentation time to address these officers. This was HUGE!!!! Many of these officers had not even heard of the choking game. Well I spoke for about 7 minutes and afterwards Mr Schillacy asked me if he could use our video in his presentations that he gives to schools around the country. After his presentation was finished I was back our table and I had many of these officers come up and wanted to know more information.
We gave away over 150 dvds and we even had one officer tell us that back in his jurisdiction he had 4 cases of teen deaths that had been ruled suicide but upon watching our video and talking with us he was going to re-examine those cases because he felt they weren’t typical teen suicides and were very possibly TCG. Imagine being the parents of one of those teens finally learning about TCG for the first time and realizing that their child may not have committed suicide after all but had been simply playing TCG.
We also made some other amazing connections with several of the other vendors and directors who were all very interested in learning more about TCG. GOD was working that day and it was through HIS divine power that we were able to share our message. NEVER underestimate the power of prayer! GOD does listen. This but one of many stories of doors that God has opened in direct answer to specific prayers. I will be posting more of those amazing events as time allows..wait until I tell you about the phone call Kevin made 9 months AFTER he died!
For more information about TCG and other high risk activities facing our youth today please go to

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  1. Kathy,Arzonna & Ricky Anderson said, on November 11, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    Hello, I am Kathy Anderson on Nov.11,2001 we loss our son to this game and no one believed us and we were told that it was a suicide but we know our son.We are still having a hard time my daughter is 18 and has a lot of anger she blames us.We would like to tell people too.

    • kltork said, on November 12, 2012 at 8:54 am

      Hello kathy ty so much for leaving a response. We need to talk. Could you email me at we can help! i look fwd to hearing from you.
      ken Tork

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