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How to protect your children from you unrestricted access to dangerous sites like You Tube

Posted in Uncategorized by kltork on April 28, 2009

step 1- open your anti virus control panel.

step- open Internet control options.

step 3 -open parental control options

step 4- open restricted sites/ blocked sites/  keywords

step 5- type in name of sites you have found that you want blocked IE; you tube,, ogreish etc.. look for any sites you can find with dangerous activity

step 6- type in resticted content / key words etc .. for anything related to the choking game/ pass out game/space monkey etc

step 7- password protect parental controls

step 8 – got to  this is a website that allows you to monitor any site your computer goes to from any computer anywhere. set up with a password that only you know.

All of these things above are helpful  but the only true way you can protect your kids is to take action on your own to do so. Educate them against the realistic dangers of this activity. Show them the video scroll of all the children who have died from this “game”.  Also you need to know that You Tube and video sites like You Tube can be masked by other sites that have these sites embedded within them so it will be very difficult if not impossible to eliminate all ways for them to access these sites.  But you can make it as difficult as possible for them to get there and spot check their computers in their presence. Be willing to occasionally violate their privacy!  Funerals are much harder to deal with than frustration. Most kids will not volunteer that they have tried any of this type of deadly activity. Most younger participants learn it from older friends and siblings and will believe them when they say it is safe. Please don’t assume your sweet dear angel would never do this. I would have staked my life  on the fact my son would never do fact I did..and I lost. Talk to your children about the dangers but educate YOURSELF to the danger signs and then look for them diligently until your children are no longer in your immediate care. Be their parent first then their friend. Tell your children that you are now watching and explain to them why. Have them read our story and watch our segments on the news and the Today show. GO TO YOUR LOCAL SCHOOLS AND DEMAND THAT THEY ADDRESS THIS ISSUE!!!!. Please be diligent so you will not have to face the never ending pain of losing your child.

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  1. Rob M. Miller said, on May 6, 2009 at 3:01 pm

    To the Torks, my deepest sympathies. I’m a 41-year-old, and have in my youth experienced this activity, something I heard about at my church, amongst my fellow males in Sunday School, I was right around 15-years-old, at the time. I went home and tried the game a couple of times, and subsequently, like it wasn’t that big a deal, happened to tell my mother about it. Great mistake–from a positive point-of-view. “Hey, Mom … guess what?” (What?) “I learned this game….” Mom flipped, and, thankfully, I listened and it stopped. Yes. A happy ending. What I don’t have any memory of, however, is any follow up taking place at the time with our church–and there should have been. At the time, I was mortified that I had red-flagged my mother that I’d been doing something wrong. I was embarrassed, and certainly wouldn’t have wanted mom to make a big deal–especially at our church, and amongst my Sunday school teacher and fellow attendees. What kid could would. But, as cute, and as impressive, and even as smart as young people can be, and often are–they sure can be stupid, too. They don’t have the years or the experience under their belt to safeguard themselves properly–that’s why there’s parents, and others in authority that are needed to stand in the gap. No, not every tragedy can be avoided. But many can; and my thanks go out to the Torks, and others, who despite the long-dark-night-of-the-soul that they have to endure, somehow, they’ve been able to be proactive in getting the word out for the benefit of our collective children. There’s no substitute for Kevin, there’s no set of words that can be spoken to assuage the grief. But I can and do say thanks for the reminder, that taking a minimalistic approach is not the route to follow–but rather, in this day and age of instant gratification, and unparalleled access to information (good and BAD), more oversight, more controls, more education is needed. This is not a perfect world, and even if every parent out there does there best, there will still be painful experiences. Such is life, and these things are inevitable. Still, that should never be an excuse to not improve, to not do better, to not continue fighting the good fight, and with the Torks are doing, in part with this blog, and their other activities–exhorting their fellows to be aware of one of the beasts in the midst.

    To the Torks,
    My Sympathy, my empathy, my thanks; light dispels darkness … keep shining the light, this danger’s been “hidden” far too long. My church should have been told. I’m not mad at my mother about, but I’ve learned from it, and from the reminding torch you’re now holding forth.

    Rob M. Miller

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